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Criminal Law

  • Criminal cases overseen by the higher penal court

  • Criminal cases under the jurisdiction of the trial court

  • Criminal cases involving cyber crimes

  • Challenging protective measures such as arrest, seizure, search, and detention

  • Filing appeals against detention orders

  • Defense representation for suspects or defendants during the investigation and prosecution stages

  • Submitting requests for release to the court at all phases of the criminal case

  • Legal representation for victims or complainants in criminal proceedings

  • Filing applications for appeal, reconsideration, and correction of court decisions

  • Handling applications related to issues arising from execution law and prison practices.

Componesation Law

  • Handling lawsuits seeking monetary and non-monetary damages resulting from a traffic accident.

  • Managing litigation for both material and moral compensation stemming from workplace accidents.

  • Representing clients in malpractice lawsuits involving claims for compensation due to medical negligence.

  • Dealing with cases involving material and moral compensation filed alongside divorce proceedings.

  • Litigating claims for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages arising from tortious acts.

  • Managing cases related to claims and compensation arising from contractual disputes.

  • Representing clients in claims and compensation cases concerning intellectual and industrial property rights.

Real Estate Law

  • Lawsuit for rectification of a property's title deed.

  • A legal case involving the cancellation and registration of a deed due to collusion by the deceased (in an attempt to evade inheritance).

  • Legal dispute concerning the cancellation and registration of a deed arising from a zoning application.

  • Lawsuit for the cancellation and registration of a deed due to the misuse of a power of attorney.

  • A legal case regarding prohibiting interference with real estate (preventing unauthorized entry).

  • Compensation case for the occupation of land (ecrimisil).

  • Legal case pertaining to preemption rights (Sufa).

  • Lawsuits for the dissolution of partnerships (izale-i şüyu).

  • Negotiating and drafting of construction contracts in exchange for property units.

  • Preparation and review of contracts for the sale of real estate.

  • Cases involving expropriation, urgent expropriation, and confiscation without expropriation.

  • Provision of legal advice and guidance.

Taxation Law

  • Lawsuit for annulment or cancellation.

  • Applications for a stay of execution in annulment proceedings.

  • Lawsuit for complete remedy or compensation.

  • Formal objection to tax penalties.

  • Cancellation of tax penalties through legal proceedings.

  • Objection and legal action to challenge customs taxes and penalties for cancellation.

Corporations Law

  • Consulting services are provided to both joint-stock and limited companies.

  • Assistance with company acquisitions and mergers.

  • Expertise in commercial and competition law matters.

  • Preparation and arrangement of various types of commercial contracts.

  • Handling cases involving determinations under labor law.

  • Managing cases related to claims and compensation arising from labor rights and receivables.

  • Litigation involving claims for both monetary and non-monetary damages resulting from work accidents.

Inheritence Law

  • Lawsuit for fraudulent inheritance (muris collusion).

  • Preparation and drafting of wills and agreements for assigning heirs.

  • Preparation and drafting of care-until-death contracts.

  • Cases involving the determination, record arrangement, and division of estates.

  • Lawsuit for the critique of an inheritance.

  • Lawsuit for the division of property in inheritance and protection of the reserved share.

  • Legal cases seeking the cancellation of fraudulent inheritance law transactions.

  • Lawsuits concerning inheritance claims or the refusal of heirs (rejected inheritance)

Civil Law

  • Divorce cases, whether amicable or contentious.

  • Litigation seeking both monetary and non-monetary damages in divorce proceedings.

  • Lawsuits involving alimony, child custody, and claims for both monetary and non-monetary damages resulting from a divorce.

  • Lawsuits for property division in divorce, including cases related to participation and contribution claims.

  • Legal actions to be initiated according to the Family Protection Law.

  • Paternity establishment cases, including challenges to lineage, recognition, or disputes over paternity.

  • Provision of legal advice and drafting of legal petitions.

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